life after work


after saying sayonara to temp working, i think my life has been so happening sia! lol lol.

sat: morning tuition evening jap
sun: queenstown/bugis with jolyn & daughter
mon: dinner with cpf mates for jloe’s bdae
tues: –
wed: raffles place for timesheet & sis place, boon lay to visit relative/shop at new jurong point [at least, v new to me]
thurs: –
fri: dinner with pikonco =)
sat: morning tuition evening jap cancelled [watanabe-san is on MC! daijoubu desu ka]

but happening = v high expenses. sucks. but feel better now cos i got my first tuition salary today!! woots.

watched zettai kareshi drama yest night. mygod, i tot end at 1am but it ended 1.30am, so late =.= and sad to say, im not v happy with the drama. lik since when SOUSHI is a FLIRTY, LAZY, RICH GUY??????? but u noe the main thing i dun like? Night is supposed to be v HUMAN, until u forget tt he’s robot. but throughout the whole drama they keep emphasizing on how robotic he is, eg. his movements so stiff, speech is lik so limited, riiko keep saying ‘u r a robot’, those lame robotic screens frm Night’s POV, etc etc. =( me no like. and they took out the funny element aka the crazy Gaku. Since when Gaku is so old n serious n well, not hilarious. me no like the drama. booo.


~ by maranwetelemnar on June 20, 2009.

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