wow haven’t been really dabbling around here much. it’s funny, cos it’s the hols and i’m SUPPOSED to be even more free to do boliao stuff right. but nooooo. it’s been work-home-sleep, and when i’m home i’m just a couch potato. too many things to watch with cable tv XD

happenings for these few months:


1. super short mini meet up with JC peeps, at a footcourt no less. haha!
2. BBQ-turned-pizza chillout with tut mates LOL. and highlight of the day is kueh lapis with lightsticks XD
3. trip to changi naval base with cece, and we’re never going back there again. but the flutist..!


ehhhh. nth much.


1. COSFEST IX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent had the time to post abt it. im gonna do a separate post to do my fangirling and stuff
2. CPF gathering! omg it’s been A YEAR since we last met. so fun, just like the old times =)

and during all these months there’s been lotsa lotsa pikonco dinners and even a mini piko sleepover haha! totally awesome =)

Upcoming potential events:

1. trip to museum to see 撞墙
2. shopping at JB
3. ???

oh but august is so confirmed full of YOGYOGYOGYOGYOG. hope to meet some nice cute MALE athlete hahaha! XDD


~ by maranwetelemnar on July 29, 2010.

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