Cosfest IX: Let’s Make Friends!

haha finally! after one whole month i’m writing abt this. But hey, this was so fun that i still can laugh thinking abt it now πŸ˜€

lotsa mikus around as expected. and this poor girl was totally attacked by swarms of otaku photographers haha!

Code Geass will always be there! one of the best plots out there in anime πŸ™‚ [[hereby apologise to suzaku that she dirtied her costume for this pose..! ]]

one of the best ichigo/rukia i’ve seen! *ichiruki fangirling*

Death the Kid! so obssessed about symmetry that he created a clone.. lol

Kukuku… evil scheming Naraku! When she walked past [found out tt it’s a girl underneath after tt lol], I was like ehhh!! so rare to see baboon Naraku. wanted to call out to her, and i just said the first thing tt came to my mind: Naraku!! can i take a picture XD and she responded by giving me a Victory sign HAHA!

this dude is AWESOME. very high on my favourites list. check out the eyebrows!

haha okay here begins our stalking of LAVI ! every pose and movement he does is just oozing LAVI. vvv natural πŸ˜€

1.obviously very happy with female companion

2. Hi-ban!!

3. and sheena gathered up her fangirl power to approach him XD

4. well there would have been more, cos we spotted him just sitting lazily on the floor to rest [which looked so lavi as well], but it looked like he was waiting for ppl to approach him..! but we too paiseh alr haha! scared he’ll recognise us XD

oh and this bunch of ppl were just camping on the floor all day, and they wld suddenly make out [with TONGUE] and some yaoi fangirls at the side would scream n shriek. they’re actually a girl n a guy, so no REAL yaoi here. the thing is, the make-put sessions were quite.. often.and the girl wiped her mouth after that for dramatic effect.

last year he was alex armstrong, this year he’s frankie! and the emcee asked him “did your muscles get bigger?” XD

are you GAR enough to join GARTSBY?

FINAL FANTASY! Fang here is awesome. and yuna’s so pretty πŸ™‚

we were sorta tired walking ard, and just camped in front of e stage and watched the performances. Guy singing L’Arc En Ciel song in gundam 00 suddenly kneels down at the word “onegaiii~~~” is just LOL. me and sheena witnessed the power of otakus up close… which is quite scary!!!!!

we didn’t go for day 2 cos we weren’t free…. and that makes me SO SAD cos there was THIS:


no sephy on day 2!!!!!!!!!!! where’s that sephy on Day 1 ?!?!?!?! D: but wow definitely wished i was there. i think i won’t only have shouted sephiroth, but also do all those choir stuff HAHA! KUDOS TO UEMATSU-SENSEI FOR CREATING SUCH A WONDERFUL PIECE!!!!!

as always, can’t wait for next cosfest. which would be COSFEST X! the organisers sure gonna do something special right??? πŸ˜€


~ by maranwetelemnar on August 5, 2010.

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