reminiscence of 2009

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well 2009 had alot of happening events for me! [and the world]

The Nominees for the Event of the Year are:

Cats musical! seats in Circle 1, courtesy by my sis =) it was super fun, cos the cats come and interact with us. was awed at the opening, cos they suddenly appear among us and start running around. they were inches from me, crawling on the mini wall. and this particular cat paused and looked at me with the LED eyes hahaha. and they surprised us during the interval, cos they were just lying around n some even sitting next to you. tee hee.

Distant Worlds! do i need to say more? cos if i start typing abt it again, it will become a post by itself XD SEPHIROTH!

F1 Grand Prix! free tic always feels good. finally got to experience the sound and smell of racing cars. well it gets abit boring after a while, if crashes happen in front of you, it would be exciting and super hiiigh. and sadistic.

And the winner is…….. (drumroll)

Distant Worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a dream come true =))))) the opening with Liberi Fatali is just so hair-raising and intense, gives me the shivers~~  a great start with a great performance throughout with a great end. never been so sugar high before. memorable !!! and it’s something that i KNOW i definitely wanna go again and again and again. hope they bring more FF concerts here, or hope that i’m so freaking rich one day that i’ll just fly overseas to watch these spectacular performances 😀



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IT’S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

saw the game on tv display at century square.. along with Lightning edition PS3. and the box for the PS3 is actually nicer than the real thing LOL. me n cece were lik “can we just have the boxxx”

we just went in to ask the shop asst abt the price for fun. there was this oh-so-cool banner [[waddya call it? those tt stand on its own]] of Lightning =))) and could tell tt the guy was totally a passionate gamer happily working in his favourite environment. made me think of what Neil Humphreys wrote in his column XDD

anw, he told us that it’s $685 for the console, n it comes along with the game. and our immediate reaction is “ouch”. his expression was also yarrr-so-ex-mannnn. went on to say that normal PS3 is $529, and the game itself is $129. both parties OUCH again. 129?! my god.and cece whined “but it’s in jap =( ” and he was lik “yar lorrr” a moment of sadness and understanding btw non-jap gamers haaa

afterwards we passed by the shop again [gg to cinema], THE SHOPKEEPER HIMSELF WAS PLAYING THE GAME!!!!!! he actually took out a stool and just sat there outside the shop to play. and a crowd was gathering to watch. so cool la. the graphics are really really good, and let me stress, even during gameplay. WOAH-ness.  the battle system looks complicated. or maybe just cos everything’s in jap and we can’t understand a thing.

someone get me a PS3 already! and i will wait for march 9 2010 for english version.

pssst… i dun mind a super belated birthday present HAHA XDDD

Things to Do

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why am i doing this now before FM!? im mad.

I may end up doing the last time on my list the most. O.o

ÿ See dentist

ÿ Go to hair salon [ using sis’ package XD ]

ÿ Go facial [ with sis XDD ]

ÿ Go out with everyone!!!

ÿ Watch TV [ new season of Man vs Wild! =)) ]

ÿ Catch up with FMA Brotherhood?

ÿ Finish Monster?

ÿ Rot

AFA 09

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who’s  better cloud cosplayer??????? i personally prefer pikmin link ev tho 1) she’s a girl  2)she’s famous for link not cloud  3) kaname’s famous for cloud [[is this same as no.2 lol]]

oh. but both are skinnnnny.

am sad tt i couldnt go to AFA09!!!!!!!!! u noe, i realised tt i wouldnt even need to pay for the entrance fee, cos all the cosplayers are mingling outside the exhibition hall anyway. O.o

made up for my loss by surfing sgcafe XD sooooooo many many many pics. see some familiar faces from cosfest =)) eh but funny tt i see zero tsunas? (as compared to the no. of tsunas at cosfest) i see new ones! lik squalo n bel cosplay hahahhahaha. i like the bel cosplay:

**shi shi shi** me likes the pose. doing the knives-floating-in-the-air thing haha XD

and im REALLY surprised, cos there’s VASH THE STAMPEDE!

cheers for old classical anime/manga! trigun, cowboy bebop, slam dunk =)))))

and can anybody tell me where’s this from????\??? SO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at the wings the wings *jaw drops*

ok im supposed to be protesting against this, but it’s so hilarious:

another surprise! SHISHIO FROM RK!!!!!! impressed with his bandage wrapping skills LOL

mannn this time there’s reli alot of cosplayers. just in dilemma whether to go for EOY or not. or wait for cosfest IX?

Do As復活 !

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the long path of Do As Infinity. When i found out last time that they were coming back, was totally ESTATIC!! i love the part showing the a nation concert, where the screen at the stages went black, and the words “Do As Infinity” slowly appears… the audience was lik shocked. and OMG WENT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see the ppl suddenly standing up?! =))))))))))

it’s been 3 years without d.a.i., and im sad that dai nagao himself is not back with them. but we’ll always treat him as part of d.a.i.!!!!!!!!!! it’s his namesake after all =D

if you don’t know Do As Infinity, watch this! Yesterday & Today… i’m super sure that 80% has heard of this song. will love it. it’s one of my very first jap songs, which made me totally fall in love with it =)

d.a.i. jiayou!!!!!!!

ima, Change the World!
Do the Best of You!


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finally caught up to katekyo hitman reborn! anime. and then couldnt stand it, went on to read e manga to find out wad happened next. oooooo things getting exciting~~~ just tt i wish tsuna have some new pattern. cos i feel tt his X-burner [air, ground, watev] is just too slow to use ya know? have to store store storeeeee power until the nice lady voice says “Ready to Launch”. zzz.

i think i have newfound love for Rokudo Mukuro, esp tyl mukuro. hee hee hee. he makes pineapple heads look cool. and YEAH HE’S ESCAPED FROM THE PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KICK BYAKURAN’S ASS!

btw, i think that yamamoto is reli cool! he’s lik waaaaahhhhhh improve so much tt kinda thing. and omg i hope squalo gets his arm stick back on. squalo w no arm is just so not squalo anymore. =((

this is Chrome Dokuro. i support 6996!!!!!!!!!! “My precious Chrome.” but i realise there are alot more 6927 images than 6996. =.= and 8059 is just too….. same goes for1869, or rather 18 with ANY GUY is just omg. 1896 can b pretty sweet too tho. ha XD anw i think tt Hibari would just bite anyone to death if they say he’s gay. kamikorosu!

hmmmmm. and i realise tt mukuro looks like sebastian from kuroshitsuji! but sebastian is abit more… gay. and paedophile. lol lol.


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cece showed this to me. MJC’s farewell assembly, by Maths Dept. HILARIOUS XD